The Story


In 2014, Aiko Kinoshita, Rachael Lincoln, Scott Davis, Aaron Swartzman and Tamin Totzke entered the studio with a mutual admiration for each other and a love of improvised dance/performance. These gatherings soon evolved into a committed practice; part creative process lab, part social blessing, and part performance research. During our time together we continue to hone our ensemble choice-making while crystalizing our collective desire to loosen the distinction between the practice and performance of improvisation. From this, our embodied process, Practice as Performance/Performance as Practice (P//P), was developed. 

                                             The Practice

(P//P) provides an opportunity for our ongoing inquiry into the effects of an audience on improvisational choice-making by asking:

-Can we stay spacious with our choice-making under the higher-stakes sensation of being witnessed?

-Can we derail notions of “right” and “wrong” choices and instead rely on our trust in self and collective?

-How does reading our own group ecology of  generosity,  risk, and humanness translate into something meaningful to watch?

-Can we continue to be expansive for a reciprocal relationship between performers and audience?

We're committed to an evolving process that shape shifts in response to our current curiosities regarding political, social and individual issues. The work is born out of a collaborative voice merging our artistic aesthetics of movement* ideas* language* visions. And dialogue, dialogue, dialogue, we find as much as we love to move...we love to talk. (Note the necessity of phone timers to keep our conversations roped in!) Our diverse and overlapping dance experiences converse though shared languages of contact improvisation, contemporary techniques and somatic practices that incite a dynamic ecosystem of solo, partner, and ensemble spell casting. Dynamic range is found though *emotional outbursts*patient transformations*explosive redirections* gentle counterpoints*cross-fades,***pause. 

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